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News - Jan 3, 2019

Coolest New Power BI Features Revealed!

Recently the Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019 highlighted new Power BI features and these are the coolest features to note IMO:
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Power BI - Oct 18, 2017

Data Storytelling Gets Easier: Power BI Desktop Oct 2017

The October 2017 release of PBI Desktop includes a much-anticipated feature that makes data storytelling easier: Bookmarking. Bookmarking in combination with the spotlight, drillthrough and what-if features allows you to...
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Power BI - Sep 5, 2017

Power BI: New Drillthrough and Insights Features from Sept 17

Power BI was launched almost 3 years ago.  It includes a free desktop application for authoring reports and a cloud service for publishing and sharing reports.  Since day one Microsoft promised to deliver an updated version of...
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Data Analytics for Associations - Jul 17, 2017

DAX the Way - with Power BI

DAX stands for Data Analysis eXpressions and it is the formula language used in Power BI.  It's similar to Excel formulas and it's an extremely powerful language for creating measures and calculated fields within your Power BI...
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3 min read
Data Visualization - Jun 25, 2017

How To Choose the Right Visualization

Creating a report or dashboard in Power BI is quite easy.  A few mouse gestures and a couple of clicks and voila, we have a report!
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