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data mining - Aug 30, 2016

How Your Association Can Implement Propensity Modeling

Last week, we introduced you to Propensity Modeling and how it can help your association make data-guided decisions while providing great value to your customers. We'll now dig into some of the technical detail and steps to...
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Member Engagement - Aug 22, 2016

Using Propensity Modeling to Drive Revenue and Increase Engagement

At the 2016 ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo, Gwen Fortune-Blakely (Enterprise-wide Marketing Director) and Leslie Katz ( Marketing Director) with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) presented an amazing session...
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Data Visualization - Jul 19, 2016

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask ‘What If?’

The oft-cited Gartner image depicting an analytics maturity model shows different forms of analytics that associations can use to understand customers and make decisions with confidence. We’ve previously discussed how...
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data mining - Apr 18, 2016

How to Harness the Power of Recommendation

Taking a customer-focused approach to data analytics helps provide optimal value, enhance engagement and understand the overall customer journey. Individuals' actions provide valuable information that goes further than what is...
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R - Apr 4, 2016

A Beginner's Guide to Analysis with R

Many associations want to do more advanced analytics projects using R — a programming language used for statistics — but are not sure how to start.
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