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Data Analytics for Associations - Jun 27, 2016

3 Signs That You're Ready for Data Analytics

I recently went onsite to a client’s headquarters to facilitate a Strategy & Discovery session - the first step in a data analytics journey. With this client and many others, I've noticed some common issues with their current...
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Data Visualization - May 9, 2016

Data Visualizations: Super Highway from the Eye to the Brain

Did you know that approximately 70% of the body’s sense receptors reside in the eye? Of all 5 senses, vision stands out dramatically as our primary and most powerful channel of input from the world around us! Not only that,...
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2 min read
Data Visualization - Mar 28, 2016

Tableau 9.3: Smarter Version Control and Better Use of Color

Tableau 9.3 was released last week and has several exciting new features. These are a few of my favorites.
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3 min read
Business Intelligence - Feb 8, 2016

How Creating Dashboards is Like Opening Christmas Gifts

When I get the opportunity to develop visualizations for a client, I feel it's a little like Christmas. A present has been handed to me.
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Business Intelligence - Dec 22, 2015

New Features in Tableau Desktop 9.2

I have reviewed the new features available in Tableau 9.2, which was recently released. While this is not a major release, there are still some pretty exciting new features. Here’s a few that caught my attention:
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