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2 min read
Business Intelligence - Nov 9, 2015

Using hub and spoke to show paths in Tableau

One of the reasons I love being a data analyst and creating visualizations is that it combines my love of data with my natural interest in marketing (it was my college emphasis). Tableau software is perfect for this -- helping...
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2 min read
Data Visualization - Sep 28, 2015

Powerful Visualization Choices (Part 3)

Previously we discussed the best use case scenarios for some common chart types: bar, line, and pie chart.  We also discussed some more advanced and less common chart types: maps and scatter plots. In this post, we are going...
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4 min read
Business Intelligence - Aug 17, 2015

Powerful Visualization Choices (part 1)

A common question we are often asked is how to choose the right kind of chart or graph to answer your questions. We know that transforming your data into an effective visualization (any kind of chart or graph) helps you make...
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2 min read
Data Visualization - Jul 6, 2015

Level of Detail Expressions: It's a Game Changer

In Tableau 9.0, we see the introduction of Level of Detail Expressions. With fairly simple expressions, we can calculate and display powerful information. The Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions allow us to compute aggregations...
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3 min read
Business Intelligence - Jun 1, 2015

New Features in Tableau 9.0

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the new Tableau version 9 is even easier to use, quicker and smarter!  A few of the features I think you’ll enjoy are:
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