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2 min read
Agile - Apr 20, 2015

Modelstorming: Data Modeling Meets Brainstorming

Have you ever heard of the term "Modelstorminig"?  It's where data modeling meetings brainstorming and it is the best way we have found to build scalable analytics solutions in an agile fashion.  In the old days, when ...
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2 min read
Data Analytics for Associations - Mar 10, 2015

Small Steps on the Data Analytics Journey

When my son says, “Mom, I want to be an astronaut and go to Saturn!”, I ask him, “What can you do now to make that happen?” Granted, he’s 4, so he often needs my help to answer that question. Since I’ve never been an astronaut...
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2 min read
Business Intelligence - Feb 2, 2015

Business Intelligence: Not the Same Old Tech Project

Business intelligence, data analytics, predictive modeling, and big data are all phrases that you’ve heard in the news and among your peers.  Once your association makes the strategic decision to take the plunge, what can you...
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3 min read
Data Analytics for Associations - Dec 22, 2014

Predictive Analytics Preparation: The Journey

This week, I barely beat out a more worthy contender to advance to my fantasy football league’s championship game. Why am I telling you this? It’s not just to brag. Every week, I, along with more than 40 million other players...
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2 min read
Member Engagement - Nov 17, 2014

Psychographics vs. Demographics: Using Data to Build Association Relationships?

Most of our clients are interested in identifying the characteristics of members who are profitable and engaged and those that are not. But how do you identify and attract new people and organizations that have the propensity...
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