Jasmin Ritchie - Dec 22, 2015

New Features in Tableau Desktop 9.2

I have reviewed the new features available in Tableau 9.2, which was recently released. While this is not a major release, there are still some pretty exciting new features. Here’s a few that caught my attention:

  • Tableau 9.2 has native integration with Mapbox. With Mapbox, you can map address to enable a higher level of granularity for analysis, such as congressional districts and census places. Having this ability will allow for better integration with other data sources.
  • More international geographical data is built in now, including local name synonyms for world capitals, Japanese postal codes and more. This should be a welcome update for international associations. Keep these updates coming, Tableau! US Congressional districts have also been updated in this version.



  • Another seemingly small, but helpful improvement is being able to fix the start and/or the end of the axis. In most cases, I let the axes automatically with new data. However, there are times when its necessary to fix an axis to provide context with other visualizations. Prior to this version, if you wanted to fix the axis, you had to set both the start and end. With 9.2, we can choose to fix just one end. The other end can be automatic, uniform or independent.


  • Another feature I know I am going to enjoy is the ability to keep your recently selected colors across sessions. This is helpful for when you use a custom color palette or non-default colors. Your most recent choices will automatically display in the color drop-down control for easy access.

To see the list of new features available in Tableau 9.2, visit Tableau's official new feature page or better yet, download the newest version and start using it!

Written by Jasmin Ritchie