Jasmin Ritchie - Mar 28, 2016

Tableau 9.3: Smarter Version Control and Better Use of Color

Tableau 9.3 was released last week and has several exciting new features. These are a few of my favorites.

  1. Versioning.  In previous editions, when you published a workbook or data source to Tableau Server with the same name as something that already existed, you got a message asking if you’d like to overwrite the older file. "Of course I would," I’d always say. But there are certainly times when seeing the previous version would have been helpful. Perhaps it would have also avoided some internal strife when a co-worker saved over my amazing workbook.versioning
  2. Publish data source flow. In this version, there is a newly designed dialog box to aid in publishing your data source more quickly. The most frequently used settings and options are available on the same screen. While seemingly small, what I am excited about is the option to “Update workbook to use the published data source." This means that you can explore your data in Tableau Desktop while connected to the data source you just published. Previously, you had to publish the data source, connect to the data source from Tableau Server, then go through a replace data source process to connect to the published data source.
  3. Excluding totals from coloring. Totals, subtotals and grand totals can be excluded from color-encoding. What does that mean? Previously, if you wanted to do shading based on a count or sum and also wanted to show totals, the darkest color was always the total. This made it easy to overlook the items with the highest totals. Leaving the totals blank, the eye is drawn to 2014 female registrants instead of the grand total.totals coloring - oldtotals coloring - new
  4. Sheet colors. I love colors and I love organization. I’ve been using colors on sheet tabs for some time in Tableau Desktop to organize sheets based on data sources, the audiences or dashboards. Now, coloring is available on Tableau Server as well.sheet colors

Written by Jasmin Ritchie