Tamsen Haught - Jul 5, 2016

Top 5 New Features in Tableau 10

The beta version of Tableau 10 is currently out and I took some time out to review some of the new features of 10. There are a lot of great new features and a cleaner UI, but here are my top 5 favorite new features.

  1. One Click Revision History – Mistakes happen. For example, someone overwrites a workbook by accident or you want to revert to a previous version of a workbook. Unless you have the older version saved somewhere else, it used to be gone forever.  With 9.3 Tableau introduced version history, now they made it easier to preview and restore those previous versions.
  2. Device Specific Dashboards – Before you would need to create multiple versions of your dashboard if you wanted it to render correctly on multiple devices. Now you can publish a single dashboard that can have a different layout for desktop, tablet, or phone. Tableau will detect which device browser screen size and display the appropriate layout for that device.device specific
  3. Workbook Formatting – This one had me looking to the sky and yelling “Hallelujah!”   Rather than updating every single title and tooltip to the font style, color, and size that is set by your association’s style guide, you can now set this on the workbook level. Now each new worksheet and dashboard will have the styling you want.
    format workbook
  4. Cross Data Source Filtering – Previously, if you were working with multiple data sources and you wanted to have a filter that would work across those data sources, you had to do a workaround that involved parameters or actions. Now, you can use “All related data sources” and quickly be able to filter across data sources.
    cross ds filter
  5. Clustering – Say you want to be able to segment groups that are similar based on multiple attributes. Now with clustering, you will be able to do this. Let’s say, I want to find states that are similar to one another based on the percent of the population that does not exercise, smokes, diet, and obesity. I can now drag Cluster from the Analytics pane and through the magic of analytics it will determine which states are similar.



I am looking forward to all the new features that Tableau has added to 10. I believe it has really helped them deliver “Analytics at the speed of thought.”

Written by Tamsen Haught