Tamsen Haught - Nov 30, 2016

Tableau Conference 2016 Highlights

I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Tableau Conference in Austin, TX. Every year at the conference, Tableau announces and demoes new functionality that will be released in upcoming builds. Here are some of the new, exciting features coming down the pipeline.

New Features with Tableau Server/Online/Mobile

  • Creating Story points on web
  • Data-driven alerting for data falling outside of a certain threshold
  • Ability to use full screen mode on Tableau Server/Online which will make it easier to use Tableau when giving presentations
  • View what fields are being used in a data source
  • Tableau Mobile will have offline capability so you can interact with your visualizations anywhere
  • Certified data sources which will allow IT to certify data sources that have been tested and verified as an accurate and trustworthy data sources



New Features with Dashboard Formatting

  • Distribute evenly within a container automatically
  • Add margins around your visualizations that are in dashboards
  • More text formatting options in Dashboard text boxes

Improved Interaction with Visualizations

  • Natural language generation – through the Tableau API you can add the power of natural language searches using a NLG provider
  • Hyper is a new in-memory data engine which will improve performance

Project Maestro

  • Project Maestro provides a new visual way of data preparation
  • Fix your data on the fly


Visualization Updates

  • Map scales will now appear on maps
  • Ability to align time series data
  • Ability to automatically change the level of detail when you zoom in on maps. If you are looking at the United States and the detail is at the state level, then you zoom in to a particular state, the detail level will change to be city level.
  • Improved map layering which allows you to layer different sets of data on a single map.


Hopefully this provides a nice teaser to what is to come for Tableau and gets you excited about how these new improvements can help you provide better data insight for your organization.

Written by Tamsen Haught