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Data Visualization - Aug 14, 2018

Case Study: Analyzing Member Engagement - How ASAE Captured the Unicorn

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) uses multiple systems—AMS, email marketing, and online community, among others—to collect member data, but it couldn’t compare or analyze valuable member activity across...
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data governance - Aug 9, 2018

First the GDPR, Now California’s Consumer Privacy Bill: Your Ultimate Association Data Privacy Checklist

While many associations are still working to comply with GDPR, the State of California passed a new Consumer Privacy Bill that will have a significant impact on numerous organizations around the world.  Here is what...
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8 min read
data governance - Aug 3, 2018

Who Says Associations Can’t Continue Direct Marketing with GDPR?

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Analytical Mind - Mar 22, 2018

Take the First Step on the Analytics Road - Join Us at PersoniFest

Serving up a concise yet comprehensive presentation on how to start shaping your organization’s analytics strategy, I will be taking the stage at PersoniFest in Austin, on Tuesday, April 10th at 9:30 a.m. CST. Co-presenters,...
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Analytical Mind - Mar 9, 2018

Revolutionize the Way Your Organization Scrutinizes Data

The Analytic Mindset is a way of thinking poised to revolutionize the way organizations scrutinize their data. Volume of data is one thing, but how you extract value from that data is proving to be much more significant. It...
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