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data mining - Aug 30, 2016

How Your Association Can Implement Propensity Modeling

Last week, we introduced you to Propensity Modeling and how it can help your association make data-guided decisions while providing great value to your customers. We'll now dig into some of the technical detail and steps to...
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2 min read
Data Analytics for Associations - Jul 25, 2016

How to Hire for an Analytical Mindset

What is the Analytical Mindsest? In today's fast-paced, data-driven world, high-performing organizations seek individuals with an analytical mindset. Individuals with an analytical mindset are able to analyze information,...
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Data Visualization - Jul 19, 2016

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask ‘What If?’

The oft-cited Gartner image depicting an analytics maturity model shows different forms of analytics that associations can use to understand customers and make decisions with confidence. We’ve previously discussed how...
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Data Analytics for Associations - Jun 6, 2016

Association Leaders and the Analytical Mindset

In April, I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of aspiring association executive leaders as part of the “Through the CEO Lens” series about how leaders of the future will increasingly need an analytical mindset. I was...
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3 min read
Data Analytics for Associations - May 30, 2016

Our Favorite Public Data Sources

We've demonstrated the importance of both leveraging the data that your association already has along with extending beyond the walls of your organizations to understand customer journeys.  Incorporating publicly available...
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