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Data Visualization - Sep 8, 2015

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Meetings

Each Labor Day weekend, analysts discuss the impact of gasoline prices and other factors on travel driven by an extra day off and the symbolic end of summer. Some estimates indicate that a greater number of travelers by car ...
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Data Visualization - Aug 24, 2015

Association Analytics: Begin with the End in Mind

Often association leaders ask me, "Where is the best place for us to begin our data analytics initiative?"  I like this question and am reminded of Steven Covey's expression that before we undertake a new initiative, we should...
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Agile - Aug 12, 2015

Moving Into a Data Guided Culture Means Abandoning the 35mm Camera Mentality

Some of you might have seen our CEO, Debbie King, speaking at ASAE Annual in Detroit this week.  If not you missed an inspiring presentation about building data analytics into your strategic plans and investing in a data...
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Data Analytics for Associations - Jul 27, 2015

Self-Service Association Analytics Requires a Full Service Partner

Business Intelligence and Analytics tools have become increasingly powerful with the growing appetite for data  across all types of business.  These tools can manage more data, connect disparate sources instantly, and combine...
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Data Visualization - Jul 20, 2015

Tableau Public for Associations

What is Tableau Public? It is a way for you to create visualizations and share them with the world for free.
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