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Data Visualization - Nov 18, 2013

How to Choose the Right Visualization for your Association

Choosing the right data visualization is as important as choosing the right outfit to wear to an important meeting. Although your alma mater’s sweatshirt is perfect for the ball game, a suit and tie is more appropriate when...
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associations - Oct 14, 2013

7 Business Intelligence Mistakes Associations Should Avoid

The private sector and government organizations have been using Business Intelligence (BI) for over 15 years. The good news for those of us in the association space is that we can learn from their mistakes and avoid them when...
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Data Visualization - Sep 30, 2013

Data Discovery – a "Bicycle for the Mind"

Steve Jobs said that computers are like a "bicycle for the mind" allowing us to go further faster with less effort.  Within the field of business intelligence, I believe data discovery should be the same, amplifying our...
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data inventory - Jul 8, 2013

How to Create a Data Inventory for Associations and Nonprofits

Locating Your Data Do you know where all your data is? Associations, like all businesses, have so many working parts that it can be difficult and time consuming to keep information both centralized and easily assessable....
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data governance - Jun 24, 2013

How Can Associations Use SQL 2012 Data Quality Services (DQS)?

This is what bad data is like...
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