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Data Visualization - May 1, 2013

The Analytics Convergence

Data-guided decisions permeate our everyday lives as individuals, but how can you harness that power for your association and your members? The field of data analytics and big data is exploding with opportunity. Businesses are...
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Data Quality Management - Apr 11, 2013

Business Intelligence Trends 2013

Although the term "Business Intelligence" is so overused that it is almost meaningless, what is important to know is that advances in data science and analytics are affecting everyone - every day.  Tableau outlines important...
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Data Quality Management - Mar 31, 2013

Association Data Visualization: 5 Steps You Need to Know

5 Steps to Visualize Association Data Big Data, business intelligence, analytics…..these terms have been buzz words headlining most association conferences this past year. When DSK presented at the ASAE Tech Conference last...
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Data Visualization - Mar 22, 2013

DSK BI Solution for AFP Wins 2013 AUDC Innovation Award

DSK Solutions, Inc. received Avectra’s AUDC 2013 Innovation Award for an outstanding business intelligence (BI) project created for the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). AFP’s sister company gtnews needed to meet...
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data governance - Feb 11, 2013

Data is an Asset

Data is one of the most important assets an association has because it defines each association’s uniqueness. You have data on members and prospects, their interests and purchases, your events, speakers, your content, social...
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