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Data Analytics for Associations - Oct 25, 2016

Columns Aren't Just for Advice and Holding Up Buildings: They Can also Help Your Analytics

Traditional databases, like an Association Management Systems, are designed to handle frequent transactions and store data. This is very different from dimensional data models that are specifically designed for analysis while...
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Association Analytics - Jan 18, 2016

Words with (Association) Friends

Associations define the future through the exploration, analysis, and visualization of data. This generally involves using existing data to consistently describe key business events like event attendance, member engagement,...
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Agile - Aug 12, 2015

Moving Into a Data Guided Culture Means Abandoning the 35mm Camera Mentality

Some of you might have seen our CEO, Debbie King, speaking at ASAE Annual in Detroit this week.  If not you missed an inspiring presentation about building data analytics into your strategic plans and investing in a data...
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Big Data - Oct 20, 2014

It Doesn't Have to be Big Data to be Important!

Everyone is talking about BIG DATA!  It sounds so important and exciting that the phrase is now used commonly. From small associations to large businesses, even socially and on Prime Time TV advertising we hear the buzzwords!...
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Data Visualization - Sep 2, 2014

What’s the Big Deal about Big Data for Associations?

The term “Big Data” has become the latest media darling and with all the hype about it, it’s no wonder people are confused about what it means.  When I am asked to give presentations about big data, what I find is the most...
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