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Analytical Mind - Feb 23, 2018

Your Association Needs An Analytics Translator

If you have a data analytics team or you are in the process of forming one, the analytics translator is a role to consider hiring for. This individual plays a critical role on that team and at your organization. She or he...
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Power BI - Apr 3, 2017

Resolve Power BI Column Discrepancy

During development or enhancements to a Power BI solution, you may encounter this message: "An error occurred while processing the data in the dataset. The 'handouts_path' column does not exist in the rowset." You probably...
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Business Intelligence - Feb 28, 2017

Why You Should Include Data Literacy in Onboarding

A critical part of onboarding involves introducing the culture and setting expectations. If your association strives for an analytical culture that makes data-guided decisions, you should think about how to include data literacy...
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Business Intelligence - Oct 26, 2016

Associations Tableau User Group Covers Best Practices in Visualizations and Advanced Analytics

The Associations Tableau User Group met in Chicago on October 13, 2016. Formed in August 2016, the Associations Tableau User Group (AssocTUG) serves as a platform for association professionals using Tableau to network and...
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Data Analytics for Associations - Aug 8, 2016

How to Succeed with Data Analytics

If you’ve ever participated in a data analytics implementation, you may be familiar with the indescribable excitement around the project. Who wouldn’t be eager for a solution that makes it easier and more efficient to...
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