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Data Analytics for Associations - Jul 11, 2016

Derby Curse or Myth? Using Data to Challenge Instinct and Assumptions

The Major League Baseball All-Star festivities kick off tonight with the home run derby, where the leading power hitters face off to see who can hit the most home runs in a three round contest. Like most sports all-star events,...
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Data Analytics for Associations - May 30, 2016

Our Favorite Public Data Sources

We've demonstrated the importance of both leveraging the data that your association already has along with extending beyond the walls of your organizations to understand customer journeys.  Incorporating publicly available...
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data mining - Apr 18, 2016

How to Harness the Power of Recommendation

Taking a customer-focused approach to data analytics helps provide optimal value, enhance engagement and understand the overall customer journey. Individuals' actions provide valuable information that goes further than what is...
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Data Visualization - Feb 29, 2016

How Analyzing Social Media is Like Walking Across Bridges

How do your customers connect with one another? Social media mixed with a historic mathematical theory can help you find those patterns and bridge gaps.
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Data Analytics for Associations - Jan 11, 2016

Find the Business in Your Data

Recently I read the phrase, "find the business in your data."  For years I have been saying, "your data is telling a story, and once you understand the story, you can change the ending." Both ideas are similar and powerful:...
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