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Data Discovery - Apr 21, 2014

Data Discovery Dominates Association BI Solutions

There is a revolution happening now in the field of data analytics.  Business users are driving the train, demanding solutions that allow them to see and understand their data without having to wait for IT to create queries...
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Data Visualization - Mar 17, 2014

Top Trends in Business Intelligence for 2014

Data analytics are no longer a "nice to have".  As we move away from static reports that tell us what already happened, we move into the field of data discovery where we investigate "why" it happened.  The next evolutionary...
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Data Visualization - Feb 17, 2014

Why Does Visual Data Discovery Matter for Associations?

Did you know that most organizations (not just associations) still make decisions primarily based on instinct, politics or tradition? But according to Harvard Business Review, top performing organizations are 5x more likely to...
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Data Visualization - Sep 30, 2013

Data Discovery – a "Bicycle for the Mind"

Steve Jobs said that computers are like a "bicycle for the mind" allowing us to go further faster with less effort.  Within the field of business intelligence, I believe data discovery should be the same, amplifying our...
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Data Visualization - Sep 23, 2013

The Importance of Visual Data Discovery for Associations

Visual data discovery is an agile and iterative way for associations to answer questions with data. Because we often don’t know what all of our data questions are, we must have the freedom to explore and improvise, refining our...
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