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12 min read
data governance - Aug 9, 2018

First the GDPR, Now California’s Consumer Privacy Bill: Your Ultimate Association Data Privacy Checklist

While many associations are still working to comply with GDPR, the State of California passed a new Consumer Privacy Bill that will have a significant impact on numerous organizations around the world.  Here is what...
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8 min read
data governance - Aug 3, 2018

Who Says Associations Can’t Continue Direct Marketing with GDPR?

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3 min read
data governance - Oct 23, 2017

Serve Your Association Customers Better Through Customer Journey Analytics

We recently hosted our quarterly Association Analytics Network meeting on October 3, 2017 at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where we discussed how to best serve your association customers. We also shared...
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2 min read
data governance - Aug 21, 2017

Data Governance: Know Your Data

An easy way to think about the complex field of data governance is the following simple triad:
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3 min read
data governance - Jul 5, 2017

An Approach to Analytics both Hamilton and Jefferson Could Embrace

Happy 4th of July!  What a great time to think about data independence, democratization, and governance for your association.  In this post we’ll talk about the balance between the central management of data by IT and data...
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