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data mining - Oct 3, 2016

How to Determine What Data to Combine

There is a lot of value in combining data from one business area with data from another business area. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, when we combine data sets and put the pieces together, we get a complete picture of customers,...
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4 min read
data mining - Aug 30, 2016

How Your Association Can Implement Propensity Modeling

Last week, we introduced you to Propensity Modeling and how it can help your association make data-guided decisions while providing great value to your customers. We'll now dig into some of the technical detail and steps to...
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2 min read
data mining - Apr 18, 2016

How to Harness the Power of Recommendation

Taking a customer-focused approach to data analytics helps provide optimal value, enhance engagement and understand the overall customer journey. Individuals' actions provide valuable information that goes further than what is...
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3 min read
data mining - Aug 3, 2015

Mind Your Ps and Qs, But Be Sure to Consider R

The analytics cycle described by Gartner depicts moving beyond descriptive analytics towards analytics that answer questions of "why did it happen?", "what will happen?", and "how can we make it happen?" Value and difficulty...
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3 min read
data mining - Feb 9, 2015

Introduction to Data Mining for Associations

The TV show, Parks and Recreation, recently had an episode where a huge tech company used data mining to the extreme-- knowing what would be the perfect present for every person in the town. In the episode it caused a huge...
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