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data governance - Jul 5, 2017

An Approach to Analytics both Hamilton and Jefferson Could Embrace

Happy 4th of July!  What a great time to think about data independence, democratization, and governance for your association.  In this post we’ll talk about the balance between the central management of data by IT and data...
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Data Visualization - May 1, 2013

The Analytics Convergence

Data-guided decisions permeate our everyday lives as individuals, but how can you harness that power for your association and your members? The field of data analytics and big data is exploding with opportunity. Businesses are...
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Data Quality Management - Apr 11, 2013

Business Intelligence Trends 2013

Although the term "Business Intelligence" is so overused that it is almost meaningless, what is important to know is that advances in data science and analytics are affecting everyone - every day.  Tableau outlines important...
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Data Visualization - Jan 16, 2013

Data Visualization - More Than a Pretty Picture

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand numbers and there is hard science to back this up.   The human brain processes images 3X faster than text, and our brains excel at the task of subtle pattern detection, and...
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artificial intelligence - Nov 21, 2012

Agile Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) projects that incorporate key aspects of Agile processes dramatically increase the probability of a successful outcome. 
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