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Data Visualization - Aug 7, 2017

Refreshing Tableau Public Data

Tableau Public is a free tool to share your visualizations with the world.  One question we often here is how do you refresh data for a Tableau Public visualization.  Tableau Public will do an automatic, nightly refresh data...
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Data Visualization - Jun 13, 2017

Power BI vs Tableau

I am often asked, “Which tool is better: Power BI or Tableau?”
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Tableau - Mar 8, 2017

Creating a Dual Axis Chart in Tableau

Dual Axes Definition Dual axes are two independent axes that are layered on top of each other. According to Tableau, dual axes allow you to compare multiple measures. Dual axes are useful when you have two measures that have...
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Tableau - Feb 28, 2017

How to Add Tableau Information Icons

Neuroscientists from MIT discovered that the human brain can process entire images seen in as little as 13 milliseconds. Data visualizations can instantly communicate complex information and ideas, but that doesn't mean...
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Data Visualization - Feb 14, 2017

Workbook Performance Recording – Tableau Server

The first and most important rule about making workbooks more efficient is to understand that if it loads slowly in Desktop on your computer, then it will be slow on the server too once it is published. Desktop and server each...
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