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Tableau - Jul 5, 2016

Top 5 New Features in Tableau 10

The beta version of Tableau 10 is currently out and I took some time out to review some of the new features of 10. There are a lot of great new features and a cleaner UI, but here are my top 5 favorite new features.
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Data Visualization - Mar 28, 2016

Tableau 9.3: Smarter Version Control and Better Use of Color

Tableau 9.3 was released last week and has several exciting new features. These are a few of my favorites.
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Data Visualization - Jan 25, 2016

How to Find the 'WOW!' Factor in Visualizations

When I review a new visualization, I’m always thinking it doesn’t have any wow factor. Here is a perfect example of something that gives an initial impression of WOW, but upon further review takes a lot of effort to understand.
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Tableau - Dec 14, 2015

New Features in Tableau Server 9.2

Just in time for the holidays, unwrap the latest Tableau version available, 9.2, and install it for your association.  Staying current with Tableau Server is always a good idea:
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Data Visualization - Dec 7, 2015

Enabling the Analytic Workflow

Just as associations have a treasure of diverse data waiting to have a conversation, Tableau offers a variety of options for interacting with your organization’s data to enable association analytics.
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